Moon pads midi Red Hearts string 2pcs.

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Moon pads midi string are recommended for normal and heavy menstruation. You will feel like you're wearing "cotton".

This combined cloth pad is suitable for different levels of bleeding during your period. Use it without the booster for lighter days or add the 4 extra layers of absorbent organic cotton liner for heavier days or overnight use.

The booster is also handy as a quick change layer that provides the ultimate clean feeling during the day.

The unique drainage system allows for fast absorbency without the risk of leaking. The absorption core is made from organic cotton fleece and the protective PUL layer guarantees an active life during your menstruation.

The soft and smooth 100% organic fabric protects your delicate skin during your period.

The popper closure keeps the pad in place. The wings have two poppers to adjust the size according to your pants.

Sizing: 22cm x 7.5cm

Closure: popper

Material: outer shell: 100% soft organic cotton GOTS, absorption: 100% organic cotton, waterproof layer: 100% polyester with PUL

Quantity: 2 Moon pads midi string (booster not included)

Care: After use, soak in cold water and wash as usual. Before drying, stretch with your hands.

Certificate: GOTS certificate

Note: Use the side without the logo towards your body.

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