Natasha Ubrousek z biobavlny 20x15 cm - bezobal 60 ks

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Organic cotton reusable muslin wipes

Size 20x15cm

Thick high quality fabric - 170g/m2

Fabric: double gauze 100% organic cotton GOTS certified

Shrinkage:  5%

Packaging: 12 pcs. (2pcs of each colour) or 60pcs. bulk without packaging ( 5pcs. of each colour)


Super soft and absorbent reusable wet wipes that are great for cleaning and wiping children and  adults.

Wipes are just the right size for the whole family and can be used for little bottoms, as face wipes, hand wipes, makeup removal wipes or as intimate wipes, cool wet wipes, bath washcloths and much more!

TERRA GAIA's reusable wipes are long lasting - replacing many disposable wipes.

When used with our Terra Gaia Care Cubes, you'll not only get rid of toxic chemicals, but the caring ingredients will keep your baby's skin and yours perfectly cared for and nourished.

 Made from 100% woven organic cotton cerified GOTS, that is gentle on the skin aas well as nature.  The GOTS certification, which is on all our textile products, controls the entire production process. 

You can choose from 6 colours and it's up to you whether you use them to divide them according to different uses, different family members or just for colourful fun.


Our tip: treat any stains on the wipes with Gall Soap, use OX Stain remover on overall soiled wipes.



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